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Hi! My name is Julie, and wouldn’t it be awkward if it weren’t? I’m a wife, a mom, and the owner and author of this site, and you can reach me by using this handy form.

I’ve been blogging since 1998, although I was in college and pining for a bad-for-me boy at the time, so my posts were nonsensical and filled with cryptic and youthful angst and an abundance of random memes. I like to think I’ve matured.

Things I love to write about:

  • Health, fitness, and changing my life for the better
  • Being a parent and why my child is a genius
  • Fun, fashionable clothing (for the kiddo and for me) and personal style
  • Crafty projects (that I don’t always succeed at completing – but we’re all about realism here)
  • My favorite products and services that enrich the everyday and help people live their best lives
  • The things I find on the internet and in the world that connect with me
  • All the things that make me a huge, raging nerd

Here’s some more info about me, at-a-glance style:

  • I’m 35 years old.
  • My husband Jason and I are rapidly approaching our 10th wedding anniversary.
  • We have a two-year-old son named Evan, who we would think is the coolest kid around even if he wasn’t ours.
  • We own a townhome in a “downtown adjacent” neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.
  • I underwent bariatric surgery in January 2013 and now have a Lap-Band hanging out around my belly. I’ve lost 75 pounds and have 15 or so to go.
  • I was born and raised in Texas, which means I love biscuits and gravy, grits with lots of salt and pepper instead of sugar, breakfast tacos, and Dr. Pepper (although I can’t drink it anymore thanks to my surgery).
  • I enjoy cooking. I’m not particularly good at it (unless it’s scrambled eggs or chicken and dumplings).
  • My dad (an amateur paleontologist) used to tell everyone my first word was the scientific name of an extinct species of shark. I’m not sure if that story is true, but I’ll keep telling it if it makes me sound smarter.
  • I took a lot of Spanish in high school. I speak just enough of it now to find a bathroom or library.

Have any questions? Just ask!
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