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Home 31 Days, 31 Things to Learn

Up until now, I’ve talked a lot about running. But there’s a whole host of things I want to write about, and what better way to change things up than a month’s worth of posts about things other than how I spend my early morning hours four days a week?

This month, I’m going to learn new things – something new every day, in fact. Use this page as a handy table of contents of everything I’ll be learning for the month of October.

1. How to Taste Wine

2. How to Analyze Handwriting

3. How to Keep Your Knees Healthy

4. How to Clean Your House Quickly

5. How to Be Successful

6. How to Exercise at Work

7. How to Take a Technology Break

8. How to Write in Code

9. How to Pack an Emergency Kit

10. How to Survive Your First Half Marathon

11. How to Defend Myself

At this point, I totally lost steam. So, I’m still finishing the 31 Days project… just not in 31 days.

12. The Lost 31 Days: How to Brew Your Own Alcohol

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