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Using the #MyCloud Mirror to #KEEPITCOMING


I’ve got a day job that can be demanding at times. I’ve got two fledgling businesses on the side that always needs attention. And speaking of needing attention – an almost-four-year old needs a lot of it. And I’d occasionally like to find time to spend with my husband and on my own.

Being constantly connected via my computer or smartphone hasn’t made life much easier. There’s always something to keep track of – emails, photos, paperwork, plans, designs, writing – and more nooks and crannies than ever for all this digital stuff to get lost in. We’ve got hard drives and various places online for things to live, but I recently decided that I want to make a serious go of my side businesses, and I needed to devote some time and energy to organizing my digital mess. And I started with a WD My Cloud Mirror.

WD My Cloud Mirror

Adding new devices to my workflow can sometimes be a challenge, but setting up my My Could Mirror couldn’t have been easier. There’s are three “parts” to assemble, and three steps to follow.

My Cloud Mirror parts

The first two steps were connecting the My Cloud Mirror to a power outlet and to our router and waiting for the drive to boot up on our network – easy peasy. 30 seconds, tops.

Hooking up the My Cloud Mirror

Then I headed over to my computer to finish the drive’s setup and give my My Cloud Mirror a name (my business name is “Fluff,” and this drive is all business).

Setting up the My Cloud Mirror

As part of the setup, the My Cloud Mirror adds a folder to my desktop where I can easily drag and drop files I want to add to my cloud drive. I immediately added all my business files and then got back to work while my files were transferred in the background.

Syncing to the My Cloud Mirror

And that’s all there was to it! I was up and running with my My Cloud Mirror in just a few minutes, and I immediately had the security of knowing my files were backed up as well as the flexibility of being able to get to them from anywhere.

And I do mean anywhere. Between traveling for races or to visit family, camping out for an afternoon at a coffee shop to get some work done, heading into my day job, or just moving from room to room in our house, having to stay tethered to a hard drive can be a pain. This My Cloud Mirror lets me work on my business from anywhere without bumping up against file size limits or dealing with having my work files co-mingled with the storage I use for our household digital files. While I’m working, my My Cloud Mirror is always right there when I need it.

Working with My Cloud Mirror

Another perk – I’ve got not one but TWO copies of all my files. The My Cloud Mirror has two hard drives inside that are constantly syncing with each other, so if one poops out my files are still protected. And I can also access files on my cloud drive from my smartphone, so I can share my ideas with vendors and customers when I’m out and about without my computer.

The My Cloud Mirror truly is going to change my life and business for the better – I’m organized and connected to every file I need, and it couldn’t have been easier. And with my digital mess taken care of, I can #KEEPITCOMING and be ready to tackle whatever comes next!

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