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The Countertop from Orange Chef will change the way you cook


This post is sponsored by Orange Chef and Fit Approach. All views are my own. This post also contains affiliate links – thanks for your support!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed – what between posts about being a lazy chef and my trips to Dream Dinners to follow step-by-step instructions for meals – but I’m not exactly a wunderkind in the kitchen. I can follow a recipe with a reasonable measure of success, and I rely on basic staples most of the time, but the best description my cooking skills might manage at the present time is “competent.” More often than not, I just stare into the abyss of our refrigerator or freezer before getting overwhelmed and ordering take-out. We’ve got the raw materials on hand; I just don’t know what to do with them.

Countertop by Orange Chef

So I firmly believe it’s for people like me that tools like Countertop were created. This little device – a cutting board, scale, and personal chef all in one – helps me pull together things I already have in the fridge or pantry and turn them into a healthy, nutritious meal.

Countertop Vitamix Adapter

But what makes Countertop so special isn’t the device itself – it’s the ecosystem of products and accessories it works with to learn about your preferences and lifestyle to recommend just the right meal at just the right time before helping you prepare it. Special attachments for your Vitamix blender or Crock-Pot slow cooker allow you to make smoothies customized to your tastes or tasty meals that cook while you’re away from home.

Countertop and Jawbone UP

Countertop can also sync with the data from your Jawbone UP or Apple Watch to suggest a protein-rich smoothie for a post-workout snack (and it will know when you haven’t been moving as well and keep a close eye on your calorie intake). Have a rough night last night? Thanks to your fitness tracker, Countertop knows you might be little sleepy and can recommend meals with an energy boost. And since it’s measuring all the ingredients for you anyway as you assemble recipes, Countertop tracks your consumption and syncs that data back to your fitness tracker. It truly is the missing piece of tech for people who love to turn their health and fitness into quantifiable, actionable data.

And there’s one more feature that appeals to me in particular – Countertop learns food preferences! If I keep swapping out Romaine lettuce for red leaf, Countertop updates recipes for me and suggests other foods I may like. I can also add in my own favorite recipes, making them easier to prepare and track. And it also keeps track of things I tend to keep around the house or food allergies I might have. I, for one, welcome our connected nutrition overlords!

Countertop Meal Overview

As soon as my Countertop arrives, it will become my recipe genius for all things smoothie – I’m horrible at fueling my body both before and after runs (just ask my family and friends who have had to deal with my bouts of low blood sugar when I thought I had the flu). Between the Countertop apps for my phone and Apple Watch and the Countertop itself, I can easily prepare filling smoothies that stock up my reserves for a long run or refill my coffers after an intense workout.

Countertop Crock Pot

I’m also excited to use our Crock-Pot with Countertop and overcome my fear of burning down with a slow cooker. Our hectic lifestyles don’t leave a ton of time for labor-intensive meals, so I look forward to prepping things in the morning with Countertop’s good-for-me recipe library and coming home to a house that smells delicious and a meal that tastes just as good.

Orange ChefCountertop is so new, it’s not even available in stores yet; units will begin to ship this fall. But if you’re an early adopter and ready to upgrade your kitchen tech, you can pre-order it (along with inexpensive adapters for your Vitamix and Crock-Pot) for a special price – 50% off using this special link. And to learn more about everything Countertop can do, visit OrangeChef.com.


  • I cannot wait to get my Countertop, such a cool product! I feel like I might finally attempt to use a crockpot once I have it..

  • Dapinder says:

    It’s fantastic that the CounterTop comes with a recipe library, especially because it can help us with pre- and post-workout nutrition — which I too often forget to plan ahead for!

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