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Smart snacking with Kozy Shack Simply Well puddings


The office at my new job checks a lot of the typical “start-up culture perk” checkboxes – a Foosball table in the kitchen, open seating to foster communication, activities to build culture and engagement, and the list goes on. But one of those perks is both a blessing and a curse: unlimited snacks. Whether it’s a fridge stocked with soda and beer or a kitchen island covered in bowls of candy and baskets of chips, there’s lots of temptation to graze throughout the day and suddenly find the scale creeping upward.


Luckily, I’ve discovered a snack that’s filling and guilt-free – Kozy Shack’s new Simply Well puddings. Each serving is only 90 calories, but they’ve got enough protein and fiber to keep me feeling full. And with no added sugar and only 1.5g of fat (in addition to being gluten-free), each flavorful little cup feels like a special treat.


I’ll be honest – I’ve never been a fan of tapioca or rice pudding. But then again – I’d never actually tried them. I’ve just gone straight to banana and chocolate and all the flavored puddings that didn’t sound quite so mysterious. But I was surprised at how great these Kozy Shack puddings tasted. The were sweet without being too rich, so they satisfied any dessert cravings the bowl of candy in the kitchen might have stirred up within me. And they’re also a great base for creating even tastier treats – I could add nuts for some added fiber and protein, sprinkled to indulge myself a little, or chopped fruit for a refreshing parfait.


The Simply Well single-serve cups also make it easy to make smarter choices – I can keep their four-packs in the office fridge and just grab and go when I’m ready for something to nosh on.

If you’re looking for a summer snack that is easy on calories, but not on flavor, try Simply Well from Kozy Shack. They’re the perfect on-the-go afternoon snack to satisfy a sweet tooth without feeling guilty.

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