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Making, sharing, and finding memories with Lyve [GIVEAWAY]


At any given moment, I have as many as four cameras on my person.

My cell phone is always with me, and it definitely gets the most use, but I also have a small point-and-shoot camera that is always in my purse should I need something that’s a little higher quality. I also have a DSLR for “fancy” shots that I pull out from time to time when I’m feeling ambitious. And we just purchased a GoPro to use when traveling or having adventures.

And while he might not have as many cameras, my husband produces his share of photos as well with his cell phone. So there’s a lot of images floating around on our devices at any given time. Keeping track of all of them, putting them in a place where we can actual view and share them, and making sure they’re protected is a big job.

Thankfully, an app like Lyve exists.

Lyve lets us consolidate all our digital photos – across handheld devices and computers – so we can keep track of everything. Our memories are sorted by date, making them easy to browse, and Lyve even unearths photos from years past, refreshing the memories in our minds once more.

And getting up and running with Lyve couldn’t be easier. I first installed the app on my phone, and within minutes I had an account and was syncing my images to their service. I use an iPhone, but there’s also an Android version of the app for Jason.


From the start screen, I get a mosaic view of recent photos by date, but I also get a scrolling view of the current day in years past. This Moments Past feature lets me quickly catch up on what I was doing 1, 2, 5 or 10 years ago – the moments go as far back as my photo library. Tapping on a day’s photo mosaic shows me all the photos from that day, and I can further tap on each on to get a close up view, share it, or even make adjustments to its quality.


Another feature I loved was the mobile app’s timeline view. I can pinch and spread my fingers to zoom in and out of years, months, and days, and quickly swipe back in time to explore my memories. The timeline is snappy and responsive, even with thousands upon thousands of photos.


What makes the Lyve service even more appealing is its companion desktop app. All of our photos seamlessly appear in the desktop viewer, and I can browse through dates or look at my favorites. The photos still live on their source devices – whether it’s my phone or Jason’s, or one of our computers – but at last we can see everything in one place. Instead of keeping all my photos on my phone forever, I can add them to my computer’s hard drive and still browse them from my phone when I’m out and about. And all these great apps are FREE.


If you need a place to store all your images, Lyve makes a nifty device called the Lyve Home. This sexy block is essentially a 2 TB hard drive with a screen, creating a photo-filled digital frame for your kitchen counter or nightstand. All new photos added to your Lyve account are synced to your Lyve Home automatically, so you can free up space on your phone or computer for making more memories.

And lucky you – I’m giving one reader a Lyve Home of their very own! To enter:

  1. Download the Lyve app for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android)
  2. Find a picture that evokes an emotional memory of friends/family
  3. Share your feelings around this photo/app in the comments below!

You must have an active Lyve account to win, so don’t skip that step.

Win a 2TB Lyve Home Device!

I’m looking forward to hearing about all the Lyve memories you unearth!


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