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Join Me for 13.1 at the Skirt Sports 13er [GIVEAWAY]
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Join Me for 13.1 at the Skirt Sports 13er [GIVEAWAY]


Last weekend I was running through the Happiest Place on Earth, but as the saying goes – there’s no rest for the weary. I’m already back on the trails training for my next half marathon, the Skirt Sports 13er.


Skirt Sports is a local company (I’m calling Boulder “local” because, well, it’s close enough) founded by Nicole DeBoom. A professional triathlete, Nicole was used to wearing gear that was anything but feminine. During a race she caught a glimpse of herself in a store window’s reflection and decided it was past time for women to have a chance to feel pretty while they ran. In 2004, Nicole and her prototype – the very first Skirt Sports skirt – competed in and won the Ironman Wisconsin, Nicole’s first Ironman victory.

Other women’s running apparel companies have come and gone in the ensuing decade, but Skirt Sports remains – a testament to the success of their mission to encourage female runners of all shapes and sizes while producing apparel that’s functional, flattering, and well-fitting. I’ve been a customer for several years, and I’ve never been disappointed in the quality of their gear. Here’s me in November 2013 wearing one of my favorite pieces, a tights-and-skirt combo with a limited-edition pattern:

Skirt Sports

In addition to their great gear, Skirt Sports also hosts amazing events and races. One such race, the Skirt Sports 13er, is here in Colorado and happens to fall on my birthday, June 14th. What better way to celebrate than a scenic 13.1-mile run with a bunch of other kickass ladies? And a super rad bonus – every race registration comes with a Skirt Sports gift certificate (and a bonus running skirt for finishers). So you get to go on a run and a shopping spree! Since I’m a Sport Skirts lover, I registered at the Skirt Lover’s Paradise level and stocked up on essential running wardrobe items so I’d have plenty to choose from on race day.

My shopping spree:

redepmtion-capriThe Redemption Capri
These compression capris are a staple. I am self conscious about my lower body, especially now that I have extra skin, and these help me feel “zipped up” and keep painful jiggles at bay. Also, a lot of less expensive capris have pockets in the waistband, but I never use them because they’re open at the top. These capris have a zipper pocket, so I know my ID and keys aren’t going anywhere on the trail.

jette-capri-skirtJette Capri Skirt
Skirt Sports is famous for their skirts, but I picked this one because it had a little something extra – a kick pleat in front that makes me feel like a cheerleader. And during some long runs, I need that extra go-go juice. Also, each leg of the capri has a thigh pocket for stashing gels or my phone, and there’s a port to run my headphone cord up underneath my clothes so it’s not dangling out asking to get caught on something.

jubilee-teeJubilee Tee
This tee is so, so flattering. The curving seams at the top give the crew neck some feminine appeal, and the mesh material is lightweight and breathable. It also has a semi-relaxed fit, so it doesn’t bind as I move. It feels like I’m wearing air, but with more modest coverage.

go-longer-shortGo Longer Short
Because of my aforementioned body issues around my legs, it’s been tough to find shorts I feel comfortable in. These are light and move with me without riding up when I run or making me feel overexposed. Because I like compression, I wear them more “out and about” than when I’m training, but I like having something comfy to change into after a race when I want to ditch some layers.

eclipse-tankEclipse Tank
Such a cute tank! The contrasting pattern is brought in subtly, so it adds visual interest without being overwhelming. And it’s on the longer side, so it doesn’t ride up to show off my mommy tummy. Wide racerback straps actually hide my bra, and the body of the empire-style top is a more relaxed fit so it flows nicely as I move.

The race may be on my birthday (June 14th), but I’ve got a gift for you guys – one luck reader can win a free race entry! And it’s at the Upgrade level to boot, so you’ll get a half marathon with a gorgeous course, the finisher skirt, and a $125 gift certificate to outfit yourself for race day (or even just your training). And if you’re not in Colorado, don’t worry – the free registration is good for the virtual race as well! Interested in a sure thing and want to go ahead and register on your own? Use the code SweatSkirt10 to get 10% off your race entry *and* anything that suits your fancy on SkirtSports.com.

To enter the giveaway, use the widget below. And I hope to see you on race day!

Skirt Sports 13er Race Entry


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