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Protecting your favorite devices from life’s big (and little) disasters


The fact that I haven’t ever catastrophically damaged a cell phone is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve had at least a dozen devices, dating back to my very first Blackberry (remember when phones had full keyboards?), and even though there have been too many close calls to count, I’ve never accidentally destroyed a device. And as my devices have gotten more expensive, I’ve gotten more paranoid about the potential for disaster. Just last week my phone miraculously survived falling out of my pocket while ran across a parking lot; it hit the ground and emerged without so much as a scratch.

My friend and coworker Ashling hasn’t been so lucky. She often carries her cell phone in her back pocket, like even I do on occasion, and when she went to the bathroom today the phone fell out of her pocket and straight into the toilet. And this wasn’t the first time she’s “drowned” her phone. She told me the story of a trip to Las Vegas and another phone that took a bath in a sushi restaurant’s toilet, and by the time she was able to convince the waitstaff to bring her a bowl of uncooked rice, the phone was beyond saving.

Even though we try to be careful with our digital devices – spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on something will tend to do that – the fact remains that accidents happen. Luckily Protect Your Bubble offers affordable insurance plans out there to provide peace of mind when disaster strikes. Protect Your Bubble can even cover all your digital devices (in our house, there are more than a few) under one plan – from phones, to tablets, to computers and even home appliances. Plans offer 24/7 claims support next day replacement on phones and tablets, so you’re never disconnected for long (terms and conditions may apply).

And Protect Your Bubble also offers plans for rental can insurance and travel insurance to keep your vacation stress-free as well as renters insurance to protect your stuff – all with affordable price points.

If you’re interested in insuring your devices, it’s easy to get the ball rolling. Building a custom quote takes only a couple minutes, and you can bundle all your devices together under one policy – the more devices you add, the more you can save. To get started, visit the Protect Your Bubble website.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Protect Your Bubble. The opinions and text are all mine.