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Friday I’m In Love: The Doublewide Edition


(Almost) every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world.  Enjoy!

Hello strangers! Long time, no share! It’s been a hectic fall ’round these parts, but it’s time to get back in the blogging habit. And on that note, here’s a list of things that caught my eye this week – a list that’s stuffed twice as full as normal to reward you for sticking out my radio silence.

The Great American Flask


Sure, it’s pricey for a flask. But man is it gorgeous. Inspired by the pots used by distillers of bourbon whiskey, this flask from Jacob Bromwell is handmade of 100% copper with an American Birch stopper and holds 9 ounces of your favorite spirit. That’s six whole shots, friends! A great investment on your Christmas list. And speaking of alcohol…

Next Glass


Take a picture of the beer or wine you’re planning to imbibe, and this app will tell you whether or not you’ll like it. SCIENCE. Available for iOS and Android.



We always hear about the Kickstarter successes, but there’s a ton more failures. Enjoy this randomized stroll through all the Kickstarter projects that didn’t get a single backer to invest.

3D Latte Art Maker


If only I drank coffee! I wouldn’t mind a cute little foam kitten peeking over the edge of my cup. Japan gets all the fun toys.

Bacon Making Kit

Bacon Making Kit

I thought I knew how to make bacon before, but apparently my life up until this point has been a lie. Williams-Sonoma to the rescue! Just bring your own pork.

Moleskine Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud connected

Moleskine Smart Notebook

Moleskine has had different versions of their notebooks that connect to our digital lives in one way or another, but this newest version lets your turn your sketches into fully workable digital designs. Using the Moleskine app (iOS only), you can snap your sketches and send them along to Adobe where they magically become vectors you can tweak in Photoshop or Illustrator. I can see myself using something like this A LOT.

Flic Wireless Button

These cute little single-function buttons are connected to anything your phone is connected to. Use a button to start your music player, one to turn off the lights in your house or adjust your Nest thermostat, one as a wireless shutter for your phone’s camera, one as a distress trigger if you’re out for a run and feel unsafe… basically, Flic trigger anything your phone can do.  The potential uses are virtually unlimited. Stock up now, before they hit the market and the price goes crazy!

E:60 – Catching Kayla

You’ll need more than one hanky for this story of a young distance runner with Multiple Sclerosis.

Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer

No one schedule ANYTHING for me to do on 5.15.15.


Serial podcast

If you’re not already listening to Serial, you’re one of the few. This episodic podcast follows one story in detail – that of a teenager accused of killing his ex-girlfriend 15 years ago.

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