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Why I became a Beachbody coach


If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen me posting about 21 Day Fix, one of the more recent fitness programs from Beachbody. In the past I’ve posted about FOCUS T25 and P90X, some of their other programs. I’ve used Beachbody workouts in one fashion or another for several years, well before I decided to have Lap-Band surgery. I always enjoyed the programs – they were thorough and complete and would have been successful for me had I committed to them wholeheartedly. But like most things I tried, my motivation fizzled and I was back at square one before long. But eventually, I was ready to make a permanent change.

My Weight Loss Story

Two years ago, my son was six months old and my weight was the highest it had ever been. I hated having my picture taken. I dreaded even going outside, between the embarrassment I felt because of my weight and the discomfort I felt from sore knees and sweaty fat folds and a complete lack of any sort of cardiovascular endurance. I had a young family, a family my husband wanted to be active, and I was being left behind. It was time for a change.

Bariatric surgery has been an unqualified success for me so far. I’ve been able to maintain an 80-lb weight loss for almost a year, and my life has completely changed. My cholesterol, blood pressure, fasting blood sugar… all normal. My risk factors for heart disease and diabetes… non-existent. My family bikes together, runs together, plays together, and I’m proud of my work-in-progress body. But I also still have strength to gain and weight to lose, and that’s where Beachbody comes in.

Why I Love Beachbody

There are lots of direct sales and network marketing companies out there. Any Facebook user can probably list off a dozen companies just be scrolling through posts from their friends. But many also seem to be a solution without a problem – convincing you of the need for something you really don’t need. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that approach; that’s how sales and retail psychology work, otherwise we might all live in tiny houses and make our own clothes. But one thing many people can agree on is that obesity is a major problem in this country right now. Almost 70 percent of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. 70 percent. That’s about 150 million people. Beachbody may not be the solution for everyone, but it’s certainly trying to solve a problem.

Every Beachbody fitness program comes with a nutrition plan, typically a clean eating approach. All the programs include a variety of workouts with a calendar of their use – there’s less risk of getting bored by doing the same workout every day for months at a time, so there’s a better chance you’ll stay committed. The calendars keep you from overworking one area of your body and underworking another. And every purchase includes access to online message b0ards and chat rooms to connect you with other program users, online workout tracking and scheduling, and the support of a Beachbody coach.

The Leap to Coaching

I was content to just be a Beachbody customer for a long time, but as I lost the weight, I gained a renewed sense of purpose. As we know, there are millions of people out there struggling with their health, with their fitness, and with their weight. Two years of working toward my health and fitness goals hasn’t made me an expert, but it’s given me a unique perspective that can motivate people toward their own successes. My first step in putting this new purpose into action was to become a certified personal trainer – I’m currently studying for my certification exam through the American Council on Exercise, and once that certification is complete, I’d like to get additional certifications to be a health coach and work with obese clients.

The second step I’ve taken was to become a Beachbody coach. There’s no special certification or training required to be a Beachbody coach, and yes – I sell their products. But more so than other direct sales companies I’ve found, Beachbody coaches have the additional responsibilities of motivation, encouragement, support, information, and accountability for to their customers. I aim to be a resource for my customers, and they can ask me about modifications to their meal plans or exercise, techniques for dealing with fatigue, recommendations on workouts to try, and a host of other things. For Beachbody, being a coach isn’t about sales – it’s about sharing my story and sharing my knowledge to help other people. And the products I sell aren’t “gimmicks” – every single workout program requires hard work and dedication to see results. I’m not selling a quick fix or an overnight change; I’m asking people to invest in a lifestyle, and I want to accompany people along their journey.

So What’s Next?

To keep this blog from being all Beachbody, all the time, I created a new site – Project Julie Fitness. I will, on occasion, cross-post things I think everyone might enjoy (this post, for instance, appears on both sites), but the bulk of the content there will be unique. I invite you to follow along. And if there’s content you’d love to see, let me know and I’ll make it a priority to share that content.

If you want to subscribe to my mailing list – I send out a newsletter with recipes, tips and tricks, current promotions, and success stories periodically – I’d be honored if you let me be your coach by signing up for a free Team Beachbody account.

And if being a Beachbody customer or coach sounds like something you’re interested in – if you’re ready to make a change, if you have that same desire to motivate people to change their lives, or if you just love Beachbody programs and want to save a little money on your own purchases – get in touch. I’m a part of the Dream Team, the top coaching team in all of Beachbody, and my personal coach is the #1 coach in Team Beachbody for 2014. Whether it’s as a customer or a coach – we want you to succeed.

I’m kicking off a 30-day clean eating challenge group on September 1st, and I’d love to have you join us. But beyond that, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and get your started on your journey.


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