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The Weekend in Pictures, no. 1


It’s no secret that I’ve been horrible at posting in a regular fashion lately. I’ve got a calendar filled with post topics, and I keep moving them around because the posts never get written. So, to hopefully break me out of that bumpy rut, I’m taking a page from Ali Edwards‘ playbook. On Monday, she posts The Weekend Lens, a mostly photographic round-up of her weekend activities. Lots of people do Wordless Wednesday posts, but these always caused trouble for me for two reasons. One, I never mastered the “wordless” concept; I always want to write at least a little something. And two, by Wednesday the weekend (which is when most of our photos get taken, honestly) seems so far away. So, here I am, shamelessly ripping off Ali’s weekend recap.

I shoot most everything with my iPhone or my trusty Canon G12.

This weekend we were (and still are) in Orange County, CA, visiting Jason’s parents and preparing for a orchestra performance he’s participating in this evening as guest pianist. Jason brought Evan out over a week ago while I stayed home and worked to save vacation time, and we were reunited Friday evening. Saturday we headed to the Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific, both in Long Beach, and yesterday we ventured out to Downtown Disney (Jason wouldn’t give in on my desire to go to Disneyland for the day). Evan was exhausted both days, although we managed to get home yesterday closer to his normal nap time so his mood in general was much better. Today we’ve got the performance, and tomorrow we pack up and head home! We’ve loved the time with Grandma and Grandpa, but we’re ready to get back to our routine.

The Queen Mary

That's a big boat!

On the sun deck of the Queen Mary

A scale model

In the engine room

The propeller

Watching the penguins

Petting a manta ray

Novelty photo

Lego store fun

Building a racecar

Stuffing his Rainbow Dash

Warming up Rainbow Dash's heart

His Little Pony

Drawing Frozen's Anna at WonderGround

The Sorcerer Mickey hat outside Disneyland Hotel

The highlights:

  • Going straight to an exhibit on The Queen Mary about Princess Diana was probably a mistake. Evan was immediately bored and fussy, and we blew through the bribery snacks pretty quickly. He was much happier climbing stairs and turning knobs in the engine room, and he perked right up when we got to the Aquarium and saw all the fish.
  • My crowd-induced anxiety is alive and well. A packed aquarium on a Saturday afternoon in the summer is not the best place for me to hang out.
  • I had forgotten how strong the smell of fish can be along an ocean coast.
  • I wish we would have gone to Disneyland. But I can acknowledge that it was a hot day, that we got a late start, and that to make it worth it we would have had to skip Evan’s nap, essentially making the day awful.
  • Build-a-Bear is cute – they had Evan dancing and rubbing the little stuffed heart he put inside Rainbow Dash all over the place, and he loved it. It’s also cheaper than expected, especially when you don’t dress your stuffed animal in one of their outfits.
  • We had lunch at Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney yesterday, and it was both pricey (not entirely unexpected for anyplace with “Disney” in the name) and tasty (which was unexpected for a Mexican place in a tourist attraction).
  • The WonderGround Gallery is pretty cool. Jason called it “fan art,” which isn’t entirely accurate since it’s all licensed by Disney. But the gallery has some pretty amazing reimaginings and reinterpretations of classic characters, scenes, and rides. I picked up some postcards, a cute mug covered in Disney princesses and villains, a tiny Mickey and Minnie print, and a hipster Mickey shirt.
  • I can’t believe I’m going to be back at Disneyland in roughly six weeks! Time flies when you register for a race eight months before it actually happens.


  • ellisfan14 says:

    It’s been years since I’ve been to the Queen Mary (the Spruce Goose was still housed there, then) and I always forget how HUGE it is. Boo for no Disneyland, but yay for Rainbow Dash. Violet made one last year and it’s a big favorite!

  • Amy Ditmore says:

    Looks like ya’ll had a blast, and I have to say that your LEGO place looks much nicer, and cleaner than than ours :). My daughter would love that Rainbow Dash too lol. That little one’s a cutie.

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