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Denver Bike to Work Day: Accessories for the Ride


Today is Bike to Work Day in Denver. Some practicalities of daily life – namely, how much I sweat and how unsafe some stretches of my commute are – are keeping me from riding in today, but I’ve done it before and it definitely makes me feel like I’m contributing a little something extra to the world. There are so many stations giving out free breakfast, coffee, and treats, and after work lots of places are holding special biker parties. Denver will be having a two-wheeled blast.

Bike to Work Day 2014

One more perk of Bike to Work Day is having an opportunity to participate in some rampant consumerism. On that note, here are some fun accessories for you or any other bike lover in your life.

10 Cool Products to Pimp Your (Bike) Ride

1. Handmade Leather Banana Holder

Banana Holder

I know, I know – stay with me here. Bananas are not the easiest thing to carry when your hands are otherwise occupied. They get easily smushed, they slide out of pockets, they bruise… it’s a big mess. This handmade leather banana holder can attach to just about any part of your bike (or your belt) to keep your favorite potassium-filled snack safe and nearby. Etsy seller Biken, $55. 

2. Nite Ize Handleband

Nite Ize Handleband

Thanks to a mount that adapts to just about any cell phone and handlebar combo, this handy tool keeps your phone at your fingertips during your commute. $19.99.

3. Green Leaf Bike Pannier

Green Leaf Bike Pannier

There are bike panniers, and then there are waterproof bike panniers that look like a giant leaf. What better way to remind everyone that your two-wheeled commute is helping save the planet? Etsy seller LeaflingoOo, $53.

4. Leather Bike Straps

Bike Straps

Okay, so maybe bananas aren’t your thing. These straps let you “strap on” anything from a picnic basket to a yoga mat to, yes, a bottle of wine. Etsy seller CicadaLeatherCompany, $35.

5. Foldable Helmet

Foldable Helmt

You have to admit, this is cool. Helmets are essential, but they’re also bulky and a pain to carry around. This flexible helmet collapses to save a bit of space in your bag (and has a strap that can be attached to your bike) so your commute is always a safe one. Currently looking for a US distributor.

6. Hand-Stamped Bike Charm

Bike Charm

Wear your heart on your sleeve, wear your bike around your neck. Etsy seller larkandjuniper, $9.

7. Chalktrail


You know, for kids! Or adults who love to have a little fun. Chalktrail’s universal design attaches to any bike and lets you leave colorful trails wherever you go.

8. Uberhood


And just like that, your bike is like the postal service – able to make it through any weather. This aerodynamic bike umbrella keeps out the elements while you travel in style and collapses easily to your handlebars if you want to soak up some rays. $59.

9. 6-Pack Bike Bag

6-pack Bike Bag

I promise, bike riding isn’t all about carrying alcohol. But it can be a big part of it. $69.

10. “I Love My Bike” Shirt

I Love My Bike shirt

Because you’re gonna need a little something to wear when you’re not on your bike to remind everyone of your bike. BIKES BIKES BIKES.

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