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Wordless Wednesday: Trip to the Dentist


After putting it off for longer than I’d care to admit, last week we finally got an appointment made with our dentist to have Evan’s teeth cleaned. It just coincidentally happened to be the same week as Jason’s regular cleaning and my trip to get a filling replaced. I’m pretty sure our dentist saw more of us last week than she typically does all year.

Trip to the dentist Trip to the dentist Trip to the dentist trip to the dentist Trip to the dentist

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  • Amy B says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit Sophie hasn’t even been to see our dentist, and she’s going to be five. I know I should just do it, but I’ll admit I’m afraid of the potential freak-out. Courage, Amy.

    Also, your site just keeps getting more damn awesome every time I come back. You rock, Jules!

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