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STORMp3 Water Resistant Mp3 Player


If there’s one thing that gets me going in the morning, it’s dancing to upbeat music. But instead of throwing my own personal dance party, I’m left to head to the shower to get my day started. Thanks to a new waterproof Mp3 player from Toilettree Products, I can kill two birds with one sound-filled stone.


STORMp3 is the first product (that I know of) that lets you take your music into the shower or other wet places without relying on Bluetooth or water-proof cases  to connect to another device for its music. The internal hard drive of the STORMp3 lets you store up to 500 songs, and the required 4 AA batteries will get you up to 70 hours of playing time.


The exterior of the STORMp3’s enclosure features grates for the two on-board speakers, controls similar to a handheld music player, a removable panel for accessing the batteries and the USB sync port, a small reset button (should your player need a little reboot), and notches to attach the separate bracket for wall mounting. Everything you need is included in the box but your music – the aforementioned bracket (which you can leave up in your shower or tub while taking your STORMp3 out to the pool or beach), silicone adhesive to attach the bracket to a wall, batteries, and a USB cable to connect your computer.


The buttons on the face of the STORMp3 should be familiar to anyone with a media player – buttons to turn the volume up and down, buttons to advanced forward and backward through your playlist, and a power button that also functions as the play/pause button. By default, your music is played in a random shuffle mode.


A small panel on the side of the device (with a rubber gasket to keep water out when the panel is sealed) opens to reveal the device’s battery storage and USB port. To add songs to the device, simply plug in the device to your computer and the STORMp3 mounts as an external drive. Then you simple drag and drop media files to the device’s icon on your computer to load them onto the STORMp3’s internal memory. When you’re finished loading up an epic shower playlist, just eject the STORMp3 from your computer like you would a USB thumb drive or other external media.

The sound quality of the STORMp3 is amazing – much better than you’d expect from a device that retails for only $59.95 (it also comes in black or white). The sound quality rivals that of competitors like the Jawbone Jambox or the Beats Pill from Beats by Dre, and those devices cost close to $200 and aren’t water resistant. You’re getting a lot of functionality for a very little price.

To buy your own STORMp3, visit Amazon or the STORMp3 website (which offers the added bonus of free shipping). If you need me, I’ll be trying to do the running man in the shower without breaking my neck.

Toilettree Products sent me a STORMp3 player to review, but all opinions of the product are my own.

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