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Pull-Ups: The Potty Training Adventure Continues


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for PullUps. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


As much as I’m trying to deny it, our kid is growing up. He’s become Mr. Conversation, engaging us about every little thing. He’s empathetic and emotional, and can tell us when he’s sad and why. He chips in around the house, mimicking our moves as we clean up, or asking to use the tools to help build something. And it’s oh so independent, wanting to do everything from taking off his shoes to walking down the steps to carrying his school lunch by himself.

Mr. Independent

He’s also starting to explore independence in some ways that maybe Mommy isn’t so ready for. Like climbing out of his crib, for instance; I know that side rail is going to come off one day soon, but I’m not ready for him to be in control of getting in and out of bed just yet. I want to know when I tuck him in at night that he’s going to stay put. Slow down, kid! You’re growing up too fast!


Even though I’m nervous, all this newfound independence will be good for him in the long run. And that applies to our potty training efforts as well. We’re lucky to have a supportive daycare who works with him for most of his daytime diaper changes. Each change becomes an exercise for Evan as much as the teachers. He knows it’s potty time and he can pull down his pants, take off his diaper, and sit on the potty without prompting. The moment may be “fruitless” and a fresh diaper or Pull-Up goes back on without anything in the toilet, but Evan has learned the routine and knows what the potty is for and when to use it.

Now we just need to connect that knowledge to what his body is telling him. Using Pull-Ups have been great during this “transitional” time, because Evan can get used to the up and down of “real” clothing while still having the security of a diaper since he’s not quite ready to use the toilet on his own.


If you’re looking to start potty training with your child, Pull-Ups and The First Years are great partners to get you started. In fact, with the purchase of a First Years potty training system, you’ll receive a free sample pack of Pull-Ups potty training pants to help you along the way. If we didn’t already have a potty training seat, I’m sure he’d be asking all the time to sit on a “Mickey potty.”

Our biggest challenge is continuing to incorporate the habits Evan is learning at daycare into our routine at home. It’s less consistent when we’re rushing to eat dinner or get ready for bed, but the only way he’ll learn is through repetition and reinforcement. We’re thinking of trying out the Big Kid Timer on Pull-Ups.com to help remind us and Evan to take a break every now and then and visit the bathroom. It doesn’t hurt that Evan loves Sully and “Mikezowski,” so getting a call from them telling him to go potty would be a fun treat.

One other important thing we learned that Pull-Ups.com also recommends is “dressing for success.” Evan looks adorable in blue jeans, but the snaps and zippers can be hard for him to get on and off. Since our potty training journey started, I’ve been trying to stock up on pants and shorts with elastic waistbands so he can more easily pull his pants up and down during potty breaks. I’ve been hesitant to let Evan run around pants-less at home because rubbing against furniture or other fabrics can inflame his eczema, but one less article of clothing is one less thing to get off when the potty mood strikes.


Is anyone else in the middle of the long slog of potty training? How’s it going? What has worked for you?

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