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Wordless Wednesday: Denver Museum of Nature and Science


I should just let go of the “wordless” illusion; these posts should be called “Posts with Lots of Pictures Wednesday.”

We have a membership to our local children’s museum, but we hadn’t yet taken Evan to one of the other museums in town. Since the weather last weekend was pretty amazing, we decided to head a little further from home (“further” being relative; we drove for 15 minutes versus less than five) and visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Membership is extremely affordable – cheaper than the children’s museum for a much bigger facility – so while we were there we splurged on the annual family pass before heading in.

We were worried that the museum was a little too “old” for Evan, but there was plenty for him to do. As soon as we entered, a nice older gentleman asked him if he wanted his hand stamped. He saw the dinosaur stamp and was all in – he LOVES dinosaurs (which was one big reason why we decided to try out the museum). He enjoyed driving a mini space shuttle around trying to dock it, and he didn’t want to change out of his spacesuit to visit other museum areas. The museum has a “discovery zone” for younger kids, and there were a ton of different activities for him to try. He even jumped in with the bigger kids to watch a demonstration of how a volcano erupts. And, of course, he LOVED seeing the dinosaur exhibit. He was pushing every button and wanting to touch every picture and sign. And we saw barely a third of the museum exhibits, so there’s plenty to go back for.

The top level of the museum has an observation deck with an amazing view of Denver, so we took some photos before heading down to the park the museum is adjacent to so Evan could run off some energy. He managed three hours of museum exploration without a breakdown or tantrum, which on its own would qualify the trip as a success. But he also had an amazing time and couldn’t stop talking about the dinosaurs. A wonderful weekend day.















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