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I’m a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador


The time has come. Evan is no longer a carefree baby, content to soil himself without a thought and then leisurely lounge in a dirty diaper until Mom or Dad notices he’d riding a little full. No, he’s growing up. And he’s starting to show the classic signs that he’s ready for potty training.

  • He loves to hang out in the bathroom. He’ll follow us in there, he’ll poke around, and he’s intrigued by the whole process.
  • He wants to sit on the potty. The grown-up potty, the Evan-sized potty nearby – doesn’t matter. He just wants to sit on it himself.
  • He tells us when he’s pooped. Most open with shouts of “yucky poo poo!” or “stinky diaper!” Thankfully he has yet to do it in someplace truly delightful like the middle of a crowded restaurant.
  • He can pull his pants up and down. Skinny jeans require a little assistance, but, in general, he knows that potty time is prefaced and followed by an adjustment to his pants.

So it’s with nervous excitement that I’ve become a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador. With the help of Pull-Ups® training pants, I’ll be sharing glimpses into our potty training journey for the next few weeks. Excitement because – let’s be honest – constantly changing diapers isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. The further along his journey of bathroom independence I can get Evan, the happier we’ll be. Nervous because before we get to the promised land of a kid who can go to the bathroom unassisted, there’s lots of intermediate steps – more frequent laundry, late-night bedding changes, false starts and relapses – that might be a little less than fun.

Pull-Ups Training Pants

So far, most of our potty training prep has involved letting Evan join us in the bathroom, giving him his own potty to sit on, and checking in with him to see if he’d like to sit on the potty for a while during diaper changes. They also are working on the whole “potty” concept with him at daycare, and it’s nice to have day-long support for what we’re doing at home.

Pull-Ups® offers a ton of support for parents embarking on the potty training journey through the resources and tools available in the Big Kid Academy section of their website. There’s a handy readiness quiz to determine if your child is ready for potty training, and you can also download a customized and printable chart for tracking and celebrating your kiddo’s potty-related successes (or request a call of congratulations from one of his or her favorite characters):


I’m excited to share (but not overshare, if you catch my drift) our potty training journey with you! For more tips and tools, visit the Pull-Ups® website, or follow Pull-Ups® on Facebook and Twitter.

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