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Getting ready for Spring with OshKosh B’gosh


It’s hard to think about wearing tank tops and shorts when the weather is actually a negative number for most of the day. Punxsutawney Phil predicted we’ll have six more weeks of winter, but I’m ready for the snow and ice to melt away and leave me with some warm sunshine I can bask in without wearing long underwear and heavy coats.

OshKosh B'gosh

Thankfully, OshKosh B’gosh stepped in and sent us on a little spring shopping spree for Evan. The bright colors and nautical themes of their spring collection helped snap me out of my winter funk (even if we had to endure the snow and cold to get to the store). And they always have amazing quality pieces that last for multiple seasons. If only kids stayed the same size forever! We trekked out into the cold weather to visit our local OshKosh B’gosh store, and my goal was to get three complete outfits (sans shoes, since we don’t know if he’ll fit into summer shoes by the time it’s warm enough to wear them).

OshKosh B'gosh

Evan had a great time shopping – he spent most of the day yelling “going shopping!” – and charmed the sales staff with his running commentary on all the clothes. And he was even mimicking me as I checked the labels. Do we have a future bargain shopper in our midst?

OshKosh 2

OshKosh had their trademark overalls out, in styles and colors made for spring. I wish we had a little girl, too, because the overall dresses were adorable. And I loved their adorable girls’ hoodies.

OshKosh 3

Are all of these for me?!?

Five minutes later, he was pulling twenty pairs of shorts off the rack at once. Clever boy.

I went a little over budget on my shopping spree. I had $100 to spend and I spent $168.66 after tax. But the deals were too good to resist! It seemed like everything in the store was either 40 or 50 percent off, even the new stuff, and clearance items were marked down as well. I also had a coupon for an additional 20 percent off – winning! I made out like a bandit, and instead of just three outfits Evan scored nearly eight new outfits that I can mix and match to create tons of options. Ignore our cabin-fever-y mess of a living room and see what he (with Mommy’s help) picked out!


Oshkosh 1 elements

Since Evan is turning into a little runner like Mom and Dad, he needed some quality workout clothes. The pants are lined, so he can wear them until the weather warms up and then trade them in for the breathable mesh shorts.
Outfit #1: Varsity Tee, MSRP $16.00, paid $7.68; Triple Jumper Athletic Pant, MSRP $26.00, paid $6.39
Outfit #2: Varsity Tee, MSRP $16.00, paid $7.68; Athletic Mesh Shorts, MSRP $16.00, paid $7.68


OshKosh 2 elements

You can never have enough play clothes – especially the way little boys play! Durable, long-lasting shorts that are also easy to wash are a must for summer, as are playful and colorful tees that are easy to wear. The store had plenty of boys’ tees to choose from; it was hard to narrow it down!
Outfit#3: Shiver Me Timbers Tee, MSRP $16.00, paid $6.40; B’gosh Volley Shorts, MSRP $20.00, paid $8.00
Outfit #4: Striped Pocket Tee, MSRP $16.00, paid $6.40; Denim Shorts, MSRP $24.00, paid $11.52


OshKosh 3 elements

Since it can still be chilly in the spring and even summer here, I knew we’d need some jeans that fit throughout the year. And I couldn’t resist the adorable OshKosh button-down shirts that also work well across seasons. I couldn’t resist a little Valentine’s Day novelty tee, either (especially since it’s a love note to me). And Jason found the adorable varsity zip sweater on the clearance rack. Perfect to keep around as an extra layer if the weather turns cold.
Outfit #5: Checkered Button-Front Shirt, MSRP $26.00, paid $14.56; Classic Jean, MSRP $30.00, paid $10.00
Outfit #6: Varsity zip sweater (not on website), MSRP $38.00, paid $6.39; OshKosh Originals Graphic Tee, MSRP $14.00, paid $6.00


OshKosh 4 elements

I couldn’t leave OshKosh without getting some of their trademark overalls, which I firmly believe look adorable on just about every child on the planet. And since Evan has plenty of jeans, I decided to change things up with a pair of kid-sized khakis. Jason’s uniform most days is a rolled up button-down shirt with a t-shirt underneath, so Evan looks more than a little like his dad here.
Outfit #7: Checkered Button-Front Shirt, MSRP $26.00, paid $12.48; Denim Overalls, MSRP $34.00, paid $16.32
Outfit #8: Checkered Button-Front Shirt, MSRP $26.00, paid $10.00; Octopus Tee, MSRP $16.00, paid $6.40; Canvas Pants, MSRP $34.00, paid $13.60

I feel like we cleaned house. Go OshKosh! And the amazing thing is – some of this stuff is even cheaper now in store and on their website! I also came home with $30 in reward dollars to spend, $10 for every $50 of my purchase. The next time I shop OshKosh, I can take $30 right off the top.


If you’re heading out to do some spring shopping at your local OshKosh B’gosh (find a location here), be sure to use the coupon below to save 20% off your purchase over $30. The coupon doesn’t expire until March 12, so you’ve got plenty of time to shop!

OshKosh coupon

What are your go-to spring clothing items for kids?


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