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Wordless Wednesday: All Grown Up


On Monday, Evan moved up to the “big toddler” room at daycare. He moved with four of his classmates and one of his teachers, and several of the kids already in the class were kids he’d been with as an infant, so the transition was easy and it was like a big reunion (although he’d also been visiting the class every other day or so for the last month, so he was ready to make the move official). He’s growing up so fast! He comes home singing new songs; it took us a while to figure out, but he’s working on the alphabet. And he’s already so much more independent. Everything is “My do it!” now. The scary part for mommy and daddy? Now that he’s with the “big kids,” he’ll start working on potty training. I guess I need to get better at doing laundry.

All Grown Up


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