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Friday I’m in Love: Sun City Poms, Old Spice Mom Song, Free Planner Printable

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Friday I'm In Love

Every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. Enjoy!

1. Free 2014 Planner

Free Planner Printable 2014

I have an Erin Condren planner with some custom add-on pages of my own design (look for a free download soon). But for those of you with a goal like mine to get better at time management who are in need of something to help you get organized, this downloadable planner from The Handmade Home is one of my favorite freebies around.

2. Sun City Poms

Sun City Poms

I need a hip replacement just thinking about what this cheer squad – whose members are all over the age of 55 – do during a performance. Also, I hope my legs look that great when I become eligible for my AARP membership.

3. Wrigley at the Movies

Wrigley at the Movies

Wondering what movie scenes might look like when you replace one of the human characters with a dog? Wonder no more! With a sick pet, I’ve thought more and more about what a special place our furry companions hold in our lives. I will not, however, be making out in the rain with our cats. 

4. How to make Facebook more private


Not that I will heed this advice. If anything, I overshare. But other people might want to lock that stuff down.

5. Old Spice Mom Song

Dear Evan, you’re lucky I’m your mom and not one of these crazies. The idea of you having sex someday freaks me out, but I will still never hide in a tree. Or your couch. Love, Mom.


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