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Friday I’m In Love – Super Bowl Edition


Friday I'm In Love

(Almost) every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. And this week, since my home team, the Denver Broncos, are in the big game, I’m sharing some of my favorite Super Bowl-related links. Enjoy!

1. Airport Turf War

Denver Airport Omaha

A little good-natured trash talking and betting between Denver and Seattle fans has extended to their airports – the losing team’s flag will fly over the winning city’s airport for no less than 24 hours. And in the meantime, the official airport Twitter accounts are trading jabs about which city is the best. Which, of course, is Denver. Obviously.

2. The Newscastle Commercial that Didn’t Make it to the Super Bowl

Newcastle Cats

It would have been epic – dancing sharks, skateboarding cats, giant robots, the works! But in the end, Newcastle’s budget didn’t allow them to actually make their MEGA AWESOME ad. Instead, they’re sharing what could have been with you. Check out the storyboards, see the inexpensive teaser trailer that set expectations a little too high, and hear from Anna Kendrick, the would-be commercial star who got shafted.

3. The 15 Worst Types of People at Every Super Bowl Party

Sealth Eater

You’ve met them all. You might even be one of them. Super Bowl parties bring out those special personality traits that are easy to spot. My personal fave? The stealth eater. Especially because it’s usually someone who can’t stop talking about the diet they’re on.

4. Hulu AdZone

Hulu AdZone

Why wait until game day when you can watch all the commercials beforehand online?

5. Puppy Bowl Live Practice Feed

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl isn’t until Sunday before the other big game, but you can still get in the puppy spirit. Every day at 11am EST leading up to the main event, you can watch the Puppy Bowl participants romp around their special practice field in Times Square. Warning: puppies are cute, and this live feed is extremely addictive.


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