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Wordless Wednesday: Our Sick Baby

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Last week we noticed that our boy cat, Meatwad, had lost a lot of weight. We took him to the vet on Friday where the vet felt a mass in his abdomen and took some X-Rays. Monday he had an ultrasound that more clearly showed tumors in his liver and spleen, and the vet couriered tissue samples from the tumors to a lab in Fort Collins to determine if the masses are malignant. We’re still waiting for the results, but the vets think it doesn’t look good. In the meantime, we’ve been giving our little man lots of cuddles and trying to get him to eat even a little bit of food. I knew he was getting old – we’ve had Meatwad and his sister Boo for almost 11 years – but I’m not ready to say goodbye.


Meatwad and Boo





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