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My Warby Parker Glasses Home Try-On

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Warby Parker

It’s been a long time since I got new glasses. LONG. Like, “I could have started and finished a couple advanced degrees” long. I’m not sure why I’ve put it off, other than having to work an eye exam around the schedule of a lazy workaholic (yes, it’s a thing). But lately, it’s been getting more urgent. The anti-glare coating or whatever is on the lenses has started to flake off, and the lenses themselves are pretty banged up.

My old glasses

Warby Parker is made for people like me. Instead of having to go to a store, try on frames, and then make another appointment to come back and actually pick them up, I can do all that from the comforts of home and an uninterrupted daily life. Thanks to the Warby Parker home try-on program, I was able to request five frames be sent to me to try on, completely free of charge. Once I decide on a pair, I can send them all back (with the included pre-paid shipping label) and submit my prescription to their website to place an order. My five frames arrived today, and I need help making a decision.

1. Zagg Eyeglasses – Revolver Black Matte

IMG_1227-2 IMG_1229-2

My first instinct was that I didn’t have quite the “hipster” aesthetic for these frames. They’re very chunky, chunkier than I’m used to. But they’ve grown on me, and the matte black finish is super-hot.

2. Wilkie Eyeglasses – Whiskey Tortoise

IMG_1230-2 IMG_1231-2

The tortoiseshell felt very old-fashioned to me. But I like the weight and shape of the frames. Maybe another color would work better for me.

3. Arthur Eyeglasses – Sugar Maple

IMG_1233-2 IMG_1234-2

My least-favorite of the bunch when I first tried them on, but they’re growing on me bit by bit. This is going to be harder than I thought!

4. Nedwin Eyeglasses – Summer Green

IMG_1236-2 IMG_1237-2

My daring, offbeat choice – so daring I didn’t notice they were on crooked. This pair was the favorite in an informal poll of my coworkers, and it brings out the green in my eyes. But can I overcome the feeling that my glasses clash with my clothes?

5. Langston Eyeglasses – Revolver Black Crystal

IMG_1239-2 IMG_1241-2

These most closely resemble my current glasses. Which isn’t a bad thing, because I like my current glasses. But would settling for these be playing it safe?

So there you have it. Which pair is your favorite? Which pair should I order? I need help here, people! Leave your pick in the comments.

Warby Parker


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