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Review: December Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix December 2013

The fix is in! My second Stitch Fix shipment of clothing items hand-selected for me has arrived! I think, overall, more of this box “landed” than the first one. But – I only kept one item this time. Counterintuitive, right? Let’s get to the pieces!

Stitch Fix styling recommendations

All the pieces had a distinct theme this month – dark. A grey jackey, a grey patterned shirt, a navy blue striped shirt, and a black and grey striped dress. I didn’t necessarily mind, since I keep things neutral and low-key anyway. But one of the goals of Stitch Fix for me was to experiment a little with my style, and I’ve got all the neutral pieces. I need the colored pieces.

Bay to Baubles Lindsey Rhinestone Link Necklace

Bay to Baubles Lindsey Rhinestone Link Necklace, $38

Well, it’s silver. That’s what I asked for. I like this necklace in theory, but I think I’d like it more if it were all “plain” silver links instead of having the rhinestone ones in the middle. I feel a little overdressed with that much bling front and center; I don’t really have occasion to wear it on the regular, and I want pieces that I can wear a lot so I don’t need as many pieces. The wardrobe holy grail! Also, I feel like if I really wanted that much bling, I could snap up a variation on this theme from a daily deal site like Jane for $10 or less.

Sweet Rain Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket

Sweet Rain Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket, $58

This was Jason’s favorite piece of the bunch, and I like it a lot too. It could stand to be a little more loose, but I’ve got another 20 pounds or so to lose, so it should fit comfortably by then. And the zipper makes it really versatile. You can wear it completely undone like a cardigan, you can zip it partway for a larger cowl, and you can zip it all the way up to stay warm. I was sold on getting this one… but I also knew I could get the identical jacket for much cheaper on ModCloth when it’s on sale (and they have it in several colors). So, I sent this one back. I’ll see you again soon, asymmetrical jacket!

Others Follow Nickelle Striped Long Sleeve Shirt

Others Follow Nickelle Striped Long Sleeve Shirt, $48

I loved this shirt. Probably because I have a dozen variations of it in my closet already. Long sleeves, modest neckline, demure color, and enough length to cover my pooch. I really wanted to get this shirt. But I need to stick to my own goals for this experiment, which is to get out of my comfort zone (not plant myself more firmly in it). It went back in the return envelope.

Daniel Rainn Saxton Geo Print Henley Blouse

Daniel Rainn Saxton Geo Print Henley Blouse, $68

I liked this shirt in theory. It had unique elements and pattern I don’t typically go for, and it’s in an easy-to-care-for polyester. But when I put it on, it developed a vibe that was slightly… maternity. I know I’ve got a bit of a belly still, but this does it no favors. And it’s not quite long enough to belt like a tunic. Back it goes.

And now – the one piece I kept:

Angie Wes Striped 3/4 Sleeve Knit Dress

Angie Wes Striped 3/4 Sleeve Knit Dress, $68

It certainly looks boobtastic, doesn’t it? I think it’s the angle of the camera or something, because as you can see above and below, it really doesn’t look like that. This dress was comfy, had a flattering silhouette (that camouflaged my tummy), showed some skin with the deep scoop in the front and back, but still had coverage so it’s work-appropriate, and could be dressed up or down for several seasons. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Stitch Fix December Dress

So, yeah – it’s a little odd I like all these pieces better but kept fewer. But I think the stylists are honing in on “me” and I just need to make sure I don’t encourage them to stay to close to “me now” instead of pushing me toward “potential me.” I made sure to tell them that I liked everything but that I wanted more color, and I’ve been trying to pin things I like but would have trouble buying for myself on my Pinterest board (yes, they check it). We’re going to be traveling around the time January fixes were available for scheduling, so I snuck another Stitch Fix in for the end of this month. Now I don’t have to wait as long!

What was your favorite piece? What would you have kept and returned?


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