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Review: Citrus Lane December Box, Part Two

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I had a sneaking suspicion that the last Citrus Lane box we got was in fact for November, not December. That suspicion turned out to be confirmed when another box arrived on our doorstep last week. I’m not going to complain, though; more fun presents for Evan!

Citrus Lane December 2013

Evan has learned that these boxes are for him. When we set it down on the floor, he goes to town opening each one up and pulling everything out. He’ll inspect each item before handing it to me and saying, “Open it, please” so the inner wrapper can come off and he can get down to playing. This month’s box didn’t have a fun treat for Mom like normal, but there’s something I’m going to be enjoying for a long time to come.

Citrus Lane December box

Handprint Art Kit, Pearhead
This little kit, a Citrus Lane exclusive (you can buy similar kits with colored canvases on the Pearhead site), comes with a stretched canvas and paint and is big enough to get an entire set of family handprints, if your family is small like ours. I love things like this that preserve Evan at a moment in time. He’s growing up so fast; this canvas will help hold on to a piece of my little man when he’s not so little. And Pearhead included a 20% discount code so I can stock up on some of their other keepsake merchandise. $14.95 retail for similar products

Citrus Lane December Box

I Took the Moon for a Walk, Barefoot Books
Evan loves books (despite his checked-out facial expression), so I was glad to have something to add to his collection. And a bedtime story at that – there’s only so many times Mommy and Daddy can read “Goodnight,  Goodnight, Construction Site” before wanting to hide it in the back of the bookshelf. For parents looking for a little extra income, Barefoot Books also has a direct-sales side to their business. I have trouble keeping track of all our friends selling jewelry or housewares or body care products, but someone selling children’s books could make a lot of money off of me. Just sayin’.  $7.99

Citrus Lane December box

Snuggly Lotion, Episencial
We’ve gotten other Episencial products in previous Citrus Lane boxes, and we love them all (I even use the body wash on occasion to wash my hair in the bathtub). And lotions like this are always great to have around in the winter, especially since Evan has eczema. Episencial uses organic ingredients, and this non-greasy moisturizer is light enough to use morning and night without leaving Evan’s skin (or mine) feeling sticky and coated. And thanks to the included gift code for $5 off a $50 Episencial purchase, we can stock up. $11.99, 8 oz.

Citrus Lane December Box

Chunky Puzzle, Melissa & Doug
It didn’t take long for Evan to find this puzzle and beg Mommy to open it. He’s got a stack of Melissa & Doug puzzles on our coffee table and he’s mastered this chunky variety, saying the name of each animal or object as he puts it in place. These puzzles are great for little hands, and they hold up to a lot of wear and tear (Evan likes to throw pieces; we’re working on it). $9.99

Citrus Lane December Box

These Citrus Lane boxes are great practice for Christmas morning. He’s going to have a LOT of presents to open!

Which item from this month’s box would be your child’s favorite?


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