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Friday I’m In Love: Lion King puppy, 6-Second Classics, Cardboard Box Office

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Friday I'm In Love

Every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. Enjoy!

1. Cardboard Box Office

Cardboard Box Office

When most of us end up with a surplus of cardboard boxes lying around, we give them away or recycle them. This couple turned their boxes into movie sets and put their infant son at the center of the action to recreate some iconic movie scenes using nothing but household objects. If Australia wasn’t so far away, we’d totally invite them to be in our playgroup.

2. Couple celebrates 61 years of marriage with “Up”-inspired photo shoot

UP-inspired photo shoot - Cambria Grace Photography

Giant balloons and a grandpa who wears a bowtie every day? It’s like the universe is daring you to NOT take these pictures. I hope I’m looking at Jason this adoringly 50 years from now. Photos by Cambria Grace Photography.

3. Kids present puppy to parents Lion King style

This would not be a good idea in our house. Namely because I can’t sing. Oh, and Jason is allergic to dogs.

4. General Electric Hey Girl

General Electric - Hey Girl

You know what’s sexy to the good guys, teenage girls? BRAINS.

5. 6-Second Classics from Burt’s Bees

Scroll down a little on the History page on Burt’s Bees’ website to see their collection of six-second synopses of great works of literature. Starring lip balm, of course. When it comes to Kafka’s Metamorphosis, cuticle cream is a much better result than a cockroach.


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