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Friday I’m In Love: Classic Rap Pencil Set, Boxed, Yule Log 2.0

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Friday I'm In Love

Every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. Enjoy!

1. TV Characters’ Online Dating Profiles


I promise I’m not stalking the cast of “Breaking Bad.” It’s merely coincidence that Jesse Pinkman showed up in this set of imagined OkCupid profiles from The Connectivist. Dwight Schrute, for instance, is looking for “a woman in prime mating age with nice breasts.” Where do I sign up?!?

2. Mymo


Mymo sells these amazing two-letter “monogram” necklaces and ornaments (keychains are also an option) – the twist being that the letter of your necklace changes depends on the angle at which it is viewed. It’s too late to get one for Christmas, but it’s also a gift you should totally snag for yourself. And the site includes a computer generated rendering of what your letters might look like (I picked “J” for “Jason” and “E” for “Evan”).

3. Yule Log 2.0

Yule Log 2.0

Chestnuts roasting on an open television… Jack Frost ain’t nippin’ nothin’ ‘cuz you’re indoors. Short clips of fires blazing play on an infinite loop on this fun site, and you can set the experience to fullscreen to really immerse yourself in the creative interpretations of flames.

4. Boxed


A membership at Costco doesn’t appeal to us; we don’t buy a ton of things in bulk, and even if we wanted to our home is small enough that there’s no place to store it all. Enter Boxed – an app that lets you buy online in bulk and have your items shipped (to many locations overnight shipping is FREE) without a costly membership. It took me about two seconds to decide to install it.

5. Classic Rap Pencil Set

Classic Rap Pencil set

And if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for me… you be illin’. This set from One Up Designs would fit great in my stocking, as would the Zoolander set. I’m making a blue steel face right now! After all, I am made of awesome.