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Review: Stitch Fix

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I tend to think I have a great sense of style. I can look at an outfit and say, “Yes. Stylish!” or “Ew. No.” But when it comes to shopping for myself, my style savvy flies out of my ears and I end up with boring outfits with no accessories that I often can’t even find the time to iron. So when I stumbled across Stitch Fix, it seemed designed for someone like me.

I signed up back in early October and was told my Fix wouldn’t ship until November 4th. A little disappointing – at the time I signed up, I was raring to go and that enthusiasm waned a bit as other interests and distractions pulled my attention. But when I got the shipping notification last week, the excitement rushed back. My box finally arrived yesterday, and here’s how it works:

  • The box includes 5-6 items of clothing and accessories. When you sign up, you can indicate a preferred price range, but most things are around $60 per item.
  • I have three days to try things on and see what works and what doesn’t. The Fix comes with a pre-paid shipping envelope to send back what I don’t want to keep. I also go online and rate each item to inform the stylist for next time about what worked and what didn’t.
  • Each piece in the box comes with styling suggestions that I can use to pull together complete outfits from pieces I already own or pieces I purchase elsewhere.
  • There’s a $20 stylist’s fee with each Fix, which is credited toward anything I keep. Also, if I keep all the items in a Fix, I get an additional 25% discount.

With the nitty gritty out of the way, let’s get to the Fix!


The box was smaller than I expected – about the size of a home record player, if any old timer’s have one of those – but everything was packed nicely. Inside, I found:

  • An envelope containing a note from my stylist, the styling suggestion cards for each item, the itemized invoice of my Fix, and a card with instructions for how to return everything.
  • The pre-paid shipping envelope.
  • A holiday-themed set of “extras” including recipe cards, gift tags, and a coupon code for $50 off wine. They already know me too well!
  • A wrapped bundle with my clothing picks
  • A box containing my lone accessory. I cringed a little when I saw it since I’m not much for goldtone jewelry, but I liked the color of the beads so I was willing to give it a try.

In addition to my necklace, my box came with four clothing items. At first glance, I was lukewarm about some of them. But you never really know how a piece is going to work until you try it on.


Long Faceted Beads Necklace, $36

I really liked the necklace, except for the goldtone part. But I don’t know if that’s enough to keep it around. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, so I’m really picky about the stuff I do have. The chain is really long, so it can easily be doubled like I wore it with the next piece.


Addison Striped Knit Cardigan, $48

Hands down my favorite piece in my fix. I could see layering it with a lot of pieces and being able to wear it year-round because of the sleeve length and the weight (it’s pretty light). And it is green like the photo on the left, not brown like the photo on the right. The lighting in our house sucks, especially since I had to take the photos after work and it’s already dark out by then. But, short story: love the cardigan.


Sanya Cut-Out Sueded Short Sleeve Top, $58

I wanted to like this top a lot more than I did. The material is super soft and comfy; if I had pajamas made out of the same material, I’d never get out of bed. And I love the grey color. But on me it didn’t quite work. Thanks to my boobs, the fit was a little awkward and the zipper in back (there’s a zipper from the collar down to the mid-back) was stiff and stood away from my back weirdly. And as much as I love the sueded fabric… I was concerned about how it would wear with a messy kiddo around. I need stuff I can wear to work and to play, and if the material is too high maintenance it will never get worn at all. This could be a great top for someone less curvy, and I could see layering it with all different colors of camis. But it doesn’t quite work for me. I wish it did, because it’s cute.


Wesley Polka Dot Cross Front Dress, $68

Another good wardrobe staple. This fit perfect, with an elastic waist so there’s some give while still having a shape, and the shape is forgiving without having a ton of extra fabric swimming around me. Another all-season piece, this would look great in the summer with sandals or with tights and boots and a cardigan and skinny belt in the winter.


Adora Skinny Jean, $68

I promise, I’m willing to give skinny jeans a try. And when I saw this beautiful grey pair in the box, I wanted them to work for me so badly. But they were a bit long on me so I had bunching around the knees, and thanks to my mommy tummy and the extra skin from losing weight, I can’t really rock a low waist, which these pants definitely had. I truly believe that one day I will find the perfect pair of skinny jeans. For me, this was not that pair.

Here’s what the outfit suggestions for each piece looked like (no suggestions for the necklace; I suppose it could go with anything). I really do think I’ll get a ton of mileage out of that cardigan:


And here were the “extras” – it’s time to go wine shopping!


Even though there were some misses in the box, I’m still happy with the Stitch Fix experience and I’ll be doing it again. It was fun to get a surprise, and the styling cards are great for even the pieces I’m not keeping; if I do find that Holy Grail of skinny jeans, I’ll know what to pair them with. I’m keeping the cardigan and dress, and everything else goes into the pre-paid shipping envelope for the trip home. Once you try everything on, there’s a survey on the Stitch Fix website to let them know how things fit, what you liked, whether the style was right, etc. and which items you’re keeping so your next Fix can be closer to perfect.

What do you guys think? Did I make the right choices on which pieces to keep and which to send back? Which were your favorites? Do you want a Stitch Fix of your very own now?

Disclosure: The links to Stitch Fix in this post are affiliate links. My Fix was paid for by me, with no discount from the company.


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