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Friday I’m In Love: Stephen Colbert, ThirdLove, DIY Star Wars Snowflakes

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Every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. Enjoy!

1. Kmart and Joe Boxers commercial

Kmart brought the funny earlier this year with their Ship My Pants commercial. (If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. I’ll wait.) But they’re raising the bar with a handbell choir that knows how to wiggle it, just a little bit. It’s like a high-class version of Boy Dance Party.

2. Jubilee E-book from Studio Calico


Studio Calico is my favorite scrapbooking supply company, so I was quick to pre-order when they announced Jubilee, their first e-book and the kit of supplies that accompanies it. The book features over 100 projects using supplies from the kit, and there’s also a set of coordinating digital scrapbooking downloads. If you want to look before you leap, there’s a free PDF with a sampling of projects from the book to wet your whistle.

3. Thirdlove


I know, I talk about bras a lot; bear with me. My last bra fitting was at Victoria’s Secret. I was corralled into a line of other women waiting to be fitted, then led into a changing room where a staff member bounced between me and several other customers. Things ended up just fine, but it wasn’t the most relaxing of experiences. But man, if an app could cut all that hassle out for me? Sign me up. Thirdlove has their own measuring system, and once you’ve been measured they recommend bras in your size. Measuring and shopping, all in one app.

4. How to make DIY Star Wars snowflakes


ManMade is currently hosting almost 40 free templates for making paper snowflakes based on Star Wars. If you cut out Star Wars snowflakes while watching “Star Wars,” is it some sort of holiday inception?

5. Alpha Dog of the Week – Chip Wilson

Stephen Colbert takes down Lululemon’s dumbfounding CEO, and it is glorious.


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