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Friday I’m In Love: Thanksgiving in Space, The Hunger Games Alphabet, Project Life

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Every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. Enjoy!

My nerd is definitely showing this week. Here’s some products and fun eye candy to help you embrace your inner geek.

1. Pencil

Pencil, from FiftyThree

Paper is my absolute favorite sketching app for the iPad. It’s fun to use and the different tools mean you can mimic the effects of a lot of more complicated art programs. And now, FiftyThree, the company that created Paper, has come out with its perfect companion: Pencil. This beautiful stylus mimics the shape of a carpenter’s pencil, so it fits easily in your hand. Flipping the Pencil over turns the tail end to and eraser in your Paper notebook, and palm rejection (the magic feature that lets you rest your hand on the iPad screen for more control without registering as a touch and ruining your sketch) also works out of the box within the Paper app (in other drawing apps, Pencil is “just” an amazing stylus).

2. The Hunger Games Alphabet

The Hunger Games Alphabet, by Risa Rodil

Inspired by the work of Jessica Hische (one of my own favorite hand-lettering artists), Rina Rodil created this set of letters inspired by the “The Hunger Games.” My personal favorites? K for Katniss, R for Reaping, and N for Nightlock.

3. Technology Will Save Us

Technology Will Save Us

Don’t throw away those old shoes or toys? Technology Will Save Us is an online shop that lets you use their DIY kits to turn everyday objects into your very own jam band. In fact, they made an entire set of instruments from Converse All-Stars. Perhaps the perfect gift for the nerd musician in your family?

4. Free Digital Project Life® Starter Pack

Digital Project Life

Project Life was created by super-scrapbooker Becky Higgins as a way to make it as easy (and non-threatening) as possible to get your photos off of cameras and computers and into scrapbooks alongside the stories of your life. And if you’re on your computer all day like me, then Project Life kits made for digital use make scrapbooking even easier. As part of the long holiday weekend, Becky is giving away a free Digital Project Life starter set for all those interested in getting started with Project Life. But be warned – digital scrapbooking (like “traditional” scrapbooking) is a deep, deep rabbit hole of ideas and supplies the likes of which you may never dig yourself out of. Enjoy!

5. Thanksgiving in Space

Ever wonder how to eat turkey and stuffing in zero gravity? Wonder no more!



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