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Friday I’m In Love: Jonathan Adler, Victoria’s Secret, Virgin Airlines

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Every Friday, I share a handful of my favorite things from around the web and around the world. Enjoy!

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a long couple of weeks, and I sense that with the holidays coming the weeks will only get longer. So here’s a few little bits to amuse you and/or provide some needed retail therapy to get you through the grind.

1. Virgin America safety video.

I first watched this video more than a week ago, but it’s so good it deserves to hang around. And it makes me want to immediately book a trip on a Virgin America flight. So You Think You Can Dance fans will see more than a few familiar faces.

2. Jonathan Adler Love/Lust Pouches.


I love this colorful trio of leather pouches from the most colorful designer out there, Jonathan Adler. And you could split them up and give individual pouches as gifts. Although, who would want to give them away?

3. Victoria’s Secret unlined bras.


Long-time fans (so, all three of you) know that I had a breast reduction several years ago. And it always irks me a little when I go to a nice lingerie shop (Victoria’s Secret falls into that category for me since it’s not the $10 rack at Target) and every single bra has a layer of padding that increases my bust by a cup size or more. I know it’s contrary to a lot of women out there, but… I don’t. Want. Them. To. Be. Bigger. So I was extremely excited to see Vicky’s release an array of unlined bras in some of their most popular styles and fits. At last, my boobs won’t enter a room before me! Unlined bras are just one more step toward my total sexy-fication. The only thing that separates me from a VS catalog model is the tousled bed head and strategic spray tan. My bed head looks more like I stuck my hair in a blender overnight, and I’d get a spray tan if the blinding whiteness of my skin didn’t burn the retinas of most aestheticians.

4. Cartwheel from Target.


Don’t be turned off by the lackluster reviews of this app in whatever App Store you use. I set up my Cartwheel (basically a collection of digital coupons sharing a barcode) and saved $20 in one store visit. Add that to Target’s regular mobile coupons and the 5% savings I get with my debit REDcard, and I was able to keep a nice chunk of change in my pocket. And the more you use it, the more coupons you can add to your Cartwheel, which means the more you can save and the more you’ll use it. It’s a vicious cycle of savings that I’m in no hurry to break out of, even if they’re scraping every bit of demographic info they can from my app usage. Yes, Target – I buy a lot of juice. So what?!?

5. Miss Universe country costume recaps from Tom & Lorenzo.


If you love fashion and need a laugh every now and then, TLo is the place to go. They’re widely known fashion bloggers who rose to fame with their biting, insightful recaps of Project Runway (the previous name of their blog was “Project Rungay”), but one of the highlights of their editorial calendar for me is their commentary on the yearly parade of crazy that is the national costumes show from the Miss Universe pageant. This year’s crop of costumes is no exception; apparently one of the USA’s biggest exports is Transformers.

Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes – Part 1
Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes – Part 2

Tom and Lorenzo have a third installment of their recap coming soon; settle in with a healthy snack and keep liquids away from your computer should you do a spit take.



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