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31 Days, Day 7: How to take a technology break

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I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time at the computer. I check it when I wake up in the morning (if I’m not satisfied by my always-connected smartphone or tablet that both sit on the nightstand), I’m in front of it all day at work, and I come home and stare at it some more until I go to bed. I know I’m missing out on moments with my family and just life in general. But I’ve never quite been able to cut the cord.

Greatist comes to my rescue again (it really is an awesome site), with a handy visual guide to unplugging (be warned – this one’s a scroller):


I could definitely get better at managing my email so I’m through it more efficiently. I am able to whittle my inbox down to less than 50 messages every few weeks, but then I hang on to messages I really should delete or file away because I think I’ll need to address them immediately, and suddenly my inbox bounces back up to the 700- or 800-message range. I also think it might be good for me to schedule some other activities – a sewing class or a happy hour or SOMETHING – to force me to step away from technology and focus on interacting with others (although I don’t know if I can resist the urge to Instagram whatever I end up doing).

Later in the same post on unplugging, Greatist also shares some ways to use your unplugged time for good instead of evil, from reading a book to going for a walk or taking a pottery class. And the activities are plotted on a map based on your personality type and the kinds of activities you enjoy, so hopefully it will be easy to find a suggestion that sets you on the right offline path.

Now if I could just get Jason to delete Candy Crush from his phone and tablet…

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  • Angela says:

    This infographic was definitely something I needed to see. I really stay plugged in way too much each day — I am pretty sure my poor sleep can be contributed to electronics and technology. I need to start using the “Do Not Disturb” mode on my phone for at least a couple hours each day!

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