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31 Days, Day 6: How to exercise at work

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“Missy, could you look over these projections with me?”
“Sure, Bruno – just let me get in some quick reps first.”
“I bet your pecs are super firm, Missy. I’d love to get a better look at them.”
“Only if you show me the muscles you’ve been working on in those pants, Bruno.”

If a bit of office exercise requires a skintight miniskirt and a cleavage-baring top, I’m up a creek. Because I’ve been looking for ways I can get in a little more fitness (namely strength training) during my workday. The standing desk was the first step toward office fitness domination. But to truly make it work, I needed to start doing something at my desk other than just standing.

Up to this point, I actually have made attempts to stay fit at my desk. I keep an 8-pound soft weighted ball nearby and I will do extension over my head with it, or even just toss it up in the air (not super high) to get some resistance. I also have a 20-pound kettlebell at my desk, although I take it into our office warehouse (just a part of our building that hasn’t been built out yet) to do swings. And now that I’m standing, I can work in toe taps (walking in place has been too jarring while I’m reading and typing), calf raises and squats. But I know there’s more I could be doing.

Greatist, one of my favorite health and wellness sites, had a list of 33 ways you can get more exercise at the office. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • The Cubicle Wanderer. We don’t have cubes at our office – just an open bullpen for the rank and file and office for management and account team members – but I could definitely fit more wandering into my day. Most of our staff relies on instant messaging for quick communication, but since we’re in a small office, I could just as easily walk over to someone’s desk or into their office and ask my questions while getting in some extra steps.
  • The Silent Seat Squeeze. I’m standing all day; I should absolutely be working on the rear view. In addition to squeezing my glutes, I could also practice kegels. Fitness for me, fun for the husband. Too much information?
  • The Grim Reamer. We don’t really have reams of paper lying around for me to use for exercise, but I could use my soft weighted ball for the same isometric squeeze to tone my inner thighs; they definitely need work.
  • The Knuckle Sandwich. Not just an exercise, but a great way to deal with frustration! Although my coworkers would definitely question why I appeared to be attacking my computer.
  • The Fab Ab Squeeze. Another standing-friendly exercise, this time to tone my flabby mommy belly.

What great exercises and stretches do you do (or could you do) at your office?

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