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Well, that happened. With less than six weeks to go until the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, I unintentionally decided to take two weeks off from training.

I didn’t completely stop running – after all, I paid good money for the Oktoberfest trail run (which I’ll recap in my next post). But my wonky knee didn’t get any less wonky after the Broncos 10k, and work got very stressful, and training every morning started to feel like a painful grind, and we had to plan last-minute travel back to Texas for my mom’s funeral and so… I took a break. And I’m completely okay with it. Here’s some stuff I did do in the past two weeks (in addition to that trail run):

  • Hung out with my cousins-by-marriage Nathan and Amy in Austin for a chill, chill week.
  • Buried my mother’s ashes in a slightly morbid, extremely touching, and perfectly appropriate family ceremony filled with tears and gallows humor at a secluded natural burial park outside Austin.
  • Had dinner with family I haven’t seen in years (or never met, in the case of my uncle James) and introduced them all to Evan.
  • Spent a relaxing weekend in Breckenridge for Oktoberfest with good friends, letting our kids go crazy playing together.
  • Researched and planned product offerings for the two or three online shops I’m planning to open (yep – trying the whole retail thing again, this time with no inventory to bankrupt me).
  • Designed some new stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve been creative for fun.
  • Stayed dry while day after day of rain pounded our state and flooded nearby small towns (we’re completely fine; our neighborhood isn’t called “Highlands” for nothing).
  • Slept in.

Yesterday I picked up where I left off with what turned out to be a 3.5-mile training run (I wanted to do six, but time and weather turned me toward home). It was rainy and my normal trail was flooded, so I detoured onto the streets of downtown Denver. Stopping for traffic lights didn’t help my pace all that much, but my body remembered what it was supposed to do; at the end, I finished uphill and knew I could keep going.

In the last two weeks, I’ve also contemplated what I want this blog to be, and what it currently is. I talk a lot about running, and between the talking about it and the doing it so much, burnout was inevitable. I’m still going to talk about running, and I’m still going to run, but you might see more content about me cooking things (and posting pictures of the things I cook), me doing things with my family, me sharing my thoughts on the issues of the day, me tackling solo projects that have nothing to do with health or fitness… much like me, it’s all a work in progress. And I’d like this blog to be a complete picture, not just a tight-in crop of one part of my life. It’s the vision I had in mind when I started, and I hope you’ll stick around.

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