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The Rock ‘n’ Roll half is my soonest “big” race in the next little bit here, but I’ve actually got a pretty packed schedule of races for the next six months or so. If you’re in Denver, you should come join me for some of these (or even if you’re not in Denver – it’s a nice place to visit!). Looks like September is a busy month!

September 7 – Broncos Back to Football 10k


This event used to be called Fans on the Field, because it was mostly a run through the stadium. But this year it became part of the NFL Run Series; the stadium run is still there (an untimed 5k fun run), but a timed 5k and 10k were also added. There’s also a half-mile fun run for kids, but Evan is too young to participate. The 10k course winds all the way from the stadium to Sloan’s Lake, where I ran with the O2EA running group. Really nice urban course. Fun fact: Denver is the only city in the NFL Run Series with a 10k distance. We like to run! The highlight for me will be finishing on the 50-yard line of Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

September 14 – Oktoberfest 5k Trail Run


Every September, we head into the mountains of Breckenridge (a little more than an hour from Denver) to drink beer and hang out with our friends. We often share a condo with our friends Kevin and Shelby and their son Alexander, and Kevin runs this race every year on the last morning we’re in town. Shelby encouraged me to register this year; I haven’t actually signed up yet (I have worries about the elevation and the “trail run” part), but it could be a good time. It’s limited to 200 participants, though, so I need to get a move on.

September 21 – Colorado Symphony 5k


This is another Sloan’s Lake run, and one we’ll be doing as a family. We’re big supporters of the Colorado Symphony (Jason majored in piano performance in college, so he has a special love of music that surpasses most), so this is a great chance for us to support a cause we believe in while being active together as a family. And hopefully it can become an annual tradition; I want Evan to grow up not only seeing Jason and I being active but being active with us.

September 22 – Hop, Skip & a Jump Start


And speaking of being active as a family – the Children’s Museum of Denver, where we’re annual members, has a great family event with stroller-friendly 5k followed by age-group races for kids (babies can even crawl to the finish line and get a event onesie for their troubles).

October 6 – Hot Chocolate 15/5k


Since I’m still training for the half marathon and all, this will be a nice longer race to make sure I’ve got some legs. And the finisher hoodie is super-cute. Beth is doing this one with me (she’s also doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll – I wish she lived a little closer so we could train together too), and we’re both looking forward to the chocolate fondue at the post-race party. This is also an urban course, which will be good practice for the half. If you want to register for the Denver race, or any of the other cities, use code Denvermug1 to get a free travel mug in addition to your finisher hoodie (I’m not an affiliate; there’s no kickback for me).

October 20 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon


This is for all the marbles! I’ve got my training locked in, I’ve got my costume picked out… I just need to stick to the plan and have fun. And hopefully, I’ll get a good time; I’m planning to use this race as my proof of pace for the Tinker Bell and Princess half marathons.

November 16 – Pumpkin Pie 5k/10k


After a hectic fall, it will be nice to wind down into winter training with this race. I talked Katie into doing the 10k as a warm-up for the Tinker Bell, and she agreed as long as I promised not to expect her to run the whole way (although I think the free pie at the finish is more motivating than I am). But she’s doing it! It counts!

December 14 – Santa Stampede 5k/10k


Ahh, winter events. When a 10am start time doesn’t make you cringe. Thank you, Colorado! I’m doing the 10k, and I should probably start paying attention to warmer running clothes when I do my shopping.

December 21 – Christmas Carol Classic


Just in time for Christmas (we’re staying in town this year and saving our travel money for the trip to Disneyland in January). This event has a 5k and 10k, plus a 1k for the kids, and there will be carolers and pictures with Santa. It’s at City Park in Denver, which means it will be a loop I do twice. Not my favorite way to run a 10k, but hopefully the fun event will make up for it.

And that’s 2013! So far, anyway. 2014 is still a ways away, but I already have two big running weekends scheduled:

January 16-19 – Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend


I’ll be running a 5k, 10k, and half marathon on consecutive days, Jason will be running the 5k with me, Evan has a 100m dash of his own, and we’ll be spending the entire week before the race in California, staying with Jason’s parents before checking into the Grand Californian Villas with Beth and Andrew for the race weekend events. There will definitely be perks to walking right out of our hotel to the starting line; these races start early! I think I’m just as excited about the running as I am about Evan’s first visit to Disneyland. He’ll be past his second birthday by then, and able to appreciate the spectacle of it all (if not ride all the rides just yet).

February 20-23 – Princess Half Marathon Weekend


I’ll by flying solo to this weekend, sharing a room at one of the value resorts Disney World with my friend Tara. But it’s another trifecta – a 5k, a 10k, and the half marathon on consecutive days. I’ll earn my Glass Slipper medal for the 10k and half, and I’ll also get the special pink coast-to-coast medal for doing a half marathon at each of the US Disney theme parks in the same calendar year. So much new bling!

There you have it, friends: all the running events I’ve got scheduled so far. I’m already thinking about other Disney races next year (maybe the Disneyland half and the Wine & Dine half, to get a second coast-to-coast medal that’s blue instead of pink), and I’m sure other great local races will enter my line of sight (the Colfax Marathon, perhaps?). What races are on your wishlist for the next year? And what do you think I should plan on running?

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