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i can’t feel my weekend

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I may have been a little aggressive with my volume of workouts this weekend. At least, that’s what my total exhaustion and limp, sore body would have me believe.

Every Saturday morning at 7 am, O2EA meets up for a fitness camp. Sometimes it’s just a couple people, sometimes it’s a large group. I wasn’t able to go last week since we were en route to our campsite, so I made sure to get there this week (and I really have no excuse since they meet about four blocks from my house). After a warm-up jog, Geoff (the tall guy in the blue shirt above) started what I call the “countdown” – a circuit of six exercises with a short run in between each circuit, reducing the number of reps by one each time until we reached zero. If you’re playing along at home, here’s the circuit (we started at 10):

  • Push-ups
  • Double squats – squat down and pulse at the bottom for two counts before coming back up
  • Chest press – we used resistance bands looped around a metal railing for the upper body strength work
  • Jump lunges
  • Rows
  • Step-ups – we used a stone bench, and I’d estimate it was 16″ tall. Some people used nearby stairs, probably 6-8″
  • And then run 100-200m

The nice thing about counting down was that each circuit got shorter, so toward the end things went really fast. And truth be told, I probably could have started at 15 and made it through. But by the end I was still sweating buckets and not at all excited about the five-mile run I had scheduled for the day – and we still had to do standing ab work and a cool-down stretch. I made the mistake of mentioning to Carlos, one of our O2EA trainers, that I didn’t feel like running. He laughed and then looked at me sternly and told me to suck it up.

After camp, we headed over to the nearby REI to rest for a minute and hydrate a little before heading out for our runs. Everyone is at a different pace and some people are still just walkers, so we divided up early on. Carlos headed out with me, the only person running that morning, to motivate me and help me keep a steady pace and I could feel both the fitness camp fatigue and the heat of starting my run over two hours later than normal.


After a mile and a half, Carlos turned back to check on the walkers and I was on my own. The relative shade of the early part of the run gave way to full sun, and the measly 8 oz of water in my Amphipod belt bottle was warm and running out fast. So I did what any whiny person I would do; I got just past the two-mile mark and then decided to turn around. At that point, I knew I wasn’t getting in five miles, and I was completely drained. I kept running most of the way back, but I was wicked slow and I stopped to walk every half mile. I ended up at 4.2 miles at just over 13 minutes per mile. Four miles is a distance I can run easily without stopping at this point; I know doing a run right after fitness camp was helping me build endurance, but it just showed me what a long way I have to go. And I also took a long time – so long that this happened:


That would be my husband, wondering where I am three hours after I left home. Oops.

We spent the afternoon running errands – a haircut for the kiddo, a bra fitting and new undies for me (as my husband gently let me know when I tried on the new stuff, my old ill-fitting bras were doing me no favors), a relatively fruitless search for jeans in a smaller size (thanks for clearancing everything so only size 2s are left, Target), and buying dress pants for Jason. We had also planned to go grocery shopping, but I was so exhausted that we headed home and made a grocery list so Jason could go out solo.

Late Sunday morning, I met up with Gemma at CrossFit Elevation to get a tour and learn some of the basics of CrossFit. I’ve got a whole post coming about that experience, but the short version – I was more than a little sore afterward, and that was just from the baseline workout that helps her figure out my fitness level, not an actual throwing-things-and-lifting-things-and-swinging-on-things CrossFit workout. In the process, I tweaked something in my back and spent the rest of the day hobbling a bit from birthday gift shopping at Target to a birthday party in the park and then back home. I even decided to bail on the last night of City Park Jazz for the year so I could soak the sore away in the bathtub. It helped, but only a little.

And now, here I am, starting to feel all my other muscles waking up – my thighs and glutes from the air squats, my shoulders and chest from the push-ups and ring rows, my abs from the situps…. I even have a shiner on my knee, which I think came from being on my knees for push-ups (I’m a weak-armed lady person). I’ll recover, but… man could I use another weekend.

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  • Amy B says:

    I’m right there with ya. After my virgin CrossFit voyage last week, it took me a week to recover. I’m supposed to go tomorrow night and I’ll admit I’m dreading it a little. I may even have come up with a list of excuses not to go. However, I am (literally) painfully aware of where I need to work, and I *think* showing up is going to make me stronger in the long run. At least that is what I’m telling my so-sore-I-can-barely-move-them armpits.

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