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Today’s training run, now with video!

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This week has been tough, training-wise. Last week Jason was taking one of his occasional business trips, and when I have to solo parent it’s impossible to get a run in (the jogging stroller totally screws up my gait and is awkward to run with) and a challenge to get any other sort of workout (I have a healthy video collection, thank goodness). So, since I basically took a week off from running, I knew I’d feel slow this week. And the scale told me I would as well; my weight has gone down, but my body fat percentage has gone up, which means I lost a little bit of muscle. Oh well. Back to the grind!

This morning’s workout from Coach Richard was intervals – four one-mile running chunks at a 5k pace with 90 seconds of brisk walking between. My pacing is all screwed up right now and definitely something to work on, so I just tried to run at a pace that was maintainable (which ended up being just under 12 minutes per mile, including walking). Walking breaks are actually really hard for me; I feel like I lose some momentum and the next run feels a little harder. But I know if I’m going to do longer distances, I need to master run/walk transitions; I don’t see myself running an entire half or full marathon non-stop any time soon.

I attempted running without music today, to see if it would affect my pace. I don’t know that it made a huge difference, although I missed my “power songs” in miles 3 and 4 to help me keep up a faster turnover. I found myself focusing more on my feet and trying not to “scrape” the ground with my shoe (like I was dragging my foot). Light as a feather, light as a feather… I could also hear the people saying “Good morning!” to me on the trail instead of just seeing their lips move. I was very shy about interacting with other runners when I started running outdoors (people on treadmills are typically very standoffish, I’ve found), but now I’m definitely a waver.

Tonight is my first running clinic with Richard. We’re meeting a nearby lake with a nice trail around it to work on form and such as part of a group run. And I’ll get my official o2EA gear, a t-shirt and a training shirt.

And, as a bonus, I tried my hand at a little post-run video. Prepare to be unimpressed! Watch as I mug for the camera while I talk to hide my insecurities! Marvel at the bags under my eyes! Agree that yes, the shape of my face does look weird when I don’t have my glasses or a hat on. I’m also very distracted by the dry skin on my upper lip. Oh well.

I’d like to do more video, preferably something with actual content. I’m thinking a post about my favorite gear, or when I do reviews of things (because I have all sorts of opinions that need to be heard). We’ll see.

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  • Amy B says:

    Girl, I’ve never heard your voice in all the years we’ve Internet-known each other! You’re adorable!

    Have you foam rolled yet? I’ve got one coming in the mail tomorrow. I’m so excited!

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