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rocky mountain holiday

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On the fortuitous occasion of a four-day work weekend for Independence Day from my employer, and taking full advantage of Jason’s ability to work from anywhere since he’s a remote employee, we packed up the car and headed to Keystone for the holiday. We had to come back down the mountain today (Saturday) instead of tomorrow because I’m running my second 10k with my friend Beth in the morning, but we still managed to pack in a good amount of fun.


We stayed in the Silver Mill condos at River Run Village, a little cluster of resort buildings at the base of Keystone Summit. There’s shops and restaurants throughout the village, along with plenty of entertaining games here and there for kids. We didn’t arrive until later in the day, so we got settled and went for a swim with our friends Kevin and Shelby and their son Alexander. We’ve tried to get Evan to stick his toes in water when we’ve been out hiking and things like that, but it’s always been too cold for him. Give him a heated pool, and suddenly he discovers he loves to swim. Or, at the very least, splash around a lot while Mommy or Daddy help him glide through the water. I think it’s time for someone to start swimming lessons.


Jason didn’t have yesterday off from work, so he hung out at the condo and took care of business while Evan and I spent the morning playing with Shelby and Alexander. The village has giant chess and checker sets, a giant Connect Four game, a playground, and even a mini-golf course (though we didn’t partake of that last one). The boys had a blast with each other; Evan is finally at an age where he can be more independent and participate with the big kids when they play, so it was nice to let him loose a little bit and just watch. He’s growing up so fast!

We spent the afternoon lounging around and napping while Jason finished up his work, and then we all headed down the mountain to Frisco to have dinner with friends.

This morning we were up early for our 10 am (!) checkout. After the car was loaded up, we headed back into the village for breakfast. There’s an old Snow Kat in one corner of the village, and Evan liked sitting inside and bouncing on the seat.


We also hung around to watch some of the festivities surrounding the Big Mountain Enduro at the Keystone Bike Park. The mountain is covered in bike trails in the summer, and there’s areas for all levels of experience to ride and practice. Alexander even took some small hills on his Strider bike.


Eventually the gondola opened, and we took a ride up to the summit to get a look at the view before heading home.


All in all, not too bad a way to spend a long weekend. And we still have most of the weekend left!

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