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“While I didn’t get hit by a high-speed train of love the moment I saw Lima Bean, every day my heart swells a bit more. It’s as if the puzzle pieces that composed me before having a kid are now being rearranged to make a new puzzle, a more complex and beautiful one.”

At last, words to express what I felt after Evan was born. I thought I was broken when he didn’t arrive and immediately consume me in an all-encompassing love. I loved him, but for the first little bit I focused on logistics – when to eat, when to change, when to sleep – and let the love grow slowly.

Lauren Fleshman and I also had a very similar labor experience, although I didn’t have her pro-athlete pelvic floor.


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  • Amy B says:

    Though I would love to have her abs. 🙂

    I felt the same way with Sophie. I want to say it was the same with Aaron, so that she doesn’t ever think I somehow loved him “more” than her at birth, but it was just…different. It’s quite possible this was mostly due to the lack of an epidural the second time around, though. 🙂

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