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I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Bowen Shea (or SBS) and Dimity McDowell for a while now. Not only are they the authors of two of my favorite running books, Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother, but they’re also the masterminds behind Another Mother Runner, a supportive online community of running moms. So when my friend Tara offered me her ticket to their sold-out Denver party last week, I jumped at the chance.


The party was held at the JCC Denver, a Jewish community center with pretty impressive event facilities. [Jason and I certainly aren’t Jewish, but I could still see us spending a TON of time there if it weren’t so far away. Their aquatic facilities in particular are amazing; I’d be there every day swimming.] After checking in and getting some snacks, I settled at the end of the second row and did some people-watching. I’m sure I looked as awkward as I felt, being there all by myself when it seemed most of the other people in attendance came with groups of friends. But soon enough I was chatted up by another mother runner (see what I did there?) on my row who had WAY more running experience than me but was working at overcoming a recent injury to get back to training.

SBS and Dimity kicked off the evening by read some excerpts from Train Like a Mother, the more recent of their two books (spoiler alert: they’re working on book number three!). They also gave away a huge amount of raffle prizes, everything from Smith Optics sunglasses to Saucony gift cards, to Nuun water bottles and samples, and a ton more. And there were two giant boxes of sports bras for everyone to dig through that Dimity brought (she’s often asked to review products, and the bras were all leftovers in sizes she couldn’t use). Our hosts’ stated goal was for no one to leave empty-handed, and they came admirably close to accomplishing that goal, even without the packed goodie bags that everyone received.


Three pairs of Sof Sole socks? A full-size jar of NuttZo? A tube of Nuun? Gu and Hyland’s and Larabar – oh my! The goodie bags were INCREDIBLE. And since I love the pool and all, how can I pass up the free three-day pass to the JCC, even with the extra drive time?

I wish I could have hung around after the party to socialize, but Jason was on daddy duty and I had to do some evening grocery shopping (we were out of milk, and Evan LOVES his whole milk). But I had a great time meeting people and getting an extra boost of confidence seeing people of all shapes and sizes who are going out and meeting their goals just like I’m trying to do.

And remember those raffle prizes? I won the grande finale!


Since I already had a green Forerunner 10, I turned that one over to Jason for his own training (I can’t see him wearing a pink watch, no matter how functional). Now we’re both geeked out with running gear. And I finally set up my Garmin Connect account for syncing, so instead of just seeing my time on my watch I’m getting more GPS data from the website. I can even replay my run to see pace and elevation over time and set up a training calendar via a whole database of plans that Garmin has created.

Thanks, Dimity and SBS, for a fun party!

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