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12 weeks

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Let the countdown begin. Twelve weeks from now (well, technically from last Sunday) I will be running in my very first half marathon.

Not nervous at all. Nope. Not me. Let me just change my underwear real quick…

There’s nothing particularly significant about the 12-week mark, other than that it’s when most half-marathon training plans seem to start. Since I’ve already started training, it’s mostly a mental milestone. If anything, it has reminded me to push a little harder, focus on my form and conditioning more, and start to increase my mileage. With that in mind, I’ve started running 5 miles for my weekday training runs (including intervals, fartleks, etc) and will start to increase my long runs past the 10k threshold they’ve been sitting at for the past month. This is getting REAL, y’all.


And just to keep myself from going completely bonkers and stressing out – I decided on a costume. Vanellope von Schweetz seemed like a good fit. We both just need to cross the finish line.

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