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Doing a 5k for every holiday may just become a tradition; I did the Rockies run on Mother’s Day, and Jason and I did The Color Run today for Father’s Day. A before and after:


Jason definitely ended up more colorful than I did. I followed the organizer instructions (unlike most people) and kept to the left since I was running, so most of the color ended up on my left side and on my back. But I had to dodge people through the color stations because they’d come to a full stop and then turn in place so they could get the colored powder everywhere. Not terrible, but annoying. If I come to a stop, I’ll fall down.

I did, however, manage to get color on my teeth. Hot, right?


Apparently the race was so popular that they’re doing another Denver Color Run in August, this time through downtown instead of at City Park. I might have to do it again just to get good and colorful! And I must say, with the exception of my arm flab that refuses to disappear or tone up… I’m looking pretty hot!


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