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water, water everywhere

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The journalism degree I spent four years almost earning (I’m one elective hour short and I don’t want to talk about it) spends most of its day atrophying in a dank corner in my overcrowded brain. But on occasion, I get a hankering to go all BREAKING NEWS!!! on the planet. And tonight I got my chance. The local news stations were posting to Twitter about a water main break somewhere that was causing flooding on the freeway. The freeway that’s a mere block from our house. Jason encouraged me to go take photos when I mentioned it to him, but I shrugged him off. But ten minutes later, I gave in and headed out.


Crews have been at work for at least the last year widening the freeway and building a new retaining wall. And that’s right where all the water went first. If you look at the photo above, just below the right edge of the bridge, you can see the water gushing out. But where was it coming from? Well, the picture at the top of this post is the road above the water main break – four blocks uphill from the freeway. The water was gushing underneath the ground, flooding every available space and causing the road to buckle before turning the streets into little rivers.


A block north of the freeway, heading in the direction of the spill, I started to see the nice little river forming. It’s hard to tell, but in the photo above the water is about a foot deep at the curb. I watched a girl in teeny tiny high heels try to get from the street to the sidewalk about five minutes later. Bad idea.


I also watched workers from a CrossFit box and a hair salon try in vain to keep the water out of their spaces. At one point, one of the CrossFit guys was using a shovel to scoop up water. Seriously, guy?


All in all it was a pretty exciting evening. As exciting as an evening in our neighborhood gets, anyway. I’m not holding my breath waiting for the Pulitzer committee to call.

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